Bioacoustics - A pathway to sustainable agriculture

Crop loss due to animal and bird attacks is a major issue in agriculture including and sometimes as much as 100% of crops are destroyed. A unique technology solution to this human animal conflict was presented at a programme ‘Towards Sustainable Agriculture – Latest Trends and Developments’ at MSSRF on February 16, 2018.

Dr Mahesh S S, Founder Grus Ecosystems, whose unique product – the Harmony series, helped alert animals and birds of danger, shared how sounds could be used to alert birds and animals, by using their own language. “The instrument has been effective in 84% of the cases, while in other cases it did not work due to the individual behaviour of birds or proximity to populated areas. However, wherever farmers have used it, they have found very good results in preventing crop loss,” said Dr Mahesh, presenting results of their study.

Bioacoustics works with different types of calls alarm, distress and predator calls to disperse birds and animals. In recent times, deaths of elephants in railway and road crossings have been reported, while crop loss due to birds and animals drives farmers to distress.

Speaking on the ocassion, Prof M S Swaminathan, Founder MSSRF emphasized that “Human beings and their ecosystem need to co-exist with harmony”. He spoke of the distress that farmers faced due to uncertain weather and environment and expressed hope that these kinds of approaches would make a difference towards sustainable agriculture.

Scientists, scholars and development workers attended the programme.