Biofortification – important in the road to “biohappiness”

Rwanda,  April 1, 2014:

Agriculture-based innovations such as the development of nutrient-rich crops through biofortification will be critical if the goal of eradicating hunger is to be met. This was the central message in Dr. M.S. Swaminathan’s keynote address of the Second Global Conference on Biofortification.  

Biofortification, addresses all three major dimensions of hunger - caloric, protein, and vitamin/ mineral deficiencies - and can be a key strategy within the overall framework of the UN’s Zero Hunger Challenge. Among other goals, the Zero Hunger Challenge envisions a world where universal access to adequate food is guaranteed, and where child stunting due to poor nutrition is eradicated. Given its current success and its promising prospects, noted Dr. Swaminathan, biofortification will be important in achieving those goals and will result in an era of biohapiness.