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The focus of the Biotechnology program is to undertake anticipatory and strategic research in response to severe environmental degradation, changing climate scenarios, such as sea level rise, reduced precipitation and deteriorating soil and water quality, and develop relevant products. This is achieved through utilizing state of the art technologies particularly genomics, proteomics and molecular breeding tools. The major activities of the program, therefore, has focused on understanding genetic and genomic architecture of naturally stress tolerant species, and employing them for developing location specific varieties for abiotic stress tolerance. The program also focuses on bioprospecting for novel genes, compounds and organisms (microbes) from untapped and unique niche specific biological resources, tissue culture of key plants like RET and mangroves, research on monitoring ecosystem health using lichens and soil health using microbial diversity. An outreach activity for school students and rural communities to promote awareness on genetic literacy, biodiversity conservation forms an integral component of the program.