Building a Sustainable Water Security System: Prof Swaminathan


Chennai, April 4, 2018: Water security is basic to other forms of security. Naturally, there are diverse demands on available water. It will therefore be prudent for every Panchayat (primary unit of democracy) to develop a water security system for their area. The following need particular attention.

  1. Demand management of available water through technologies such as drip irrigation
  2. Supply augmentation through mandatory rain water harvesting
  3. Tapping the vast sea water resources which constitute 97% of the World Water Resource for launching a Sea Water Farming Movement using salt resistant species of crops and fishes

There is an urgent need for water literacy which will help people to conserve and utilise available water in the most beneficial manner. In the area of river shed management the principle of win-win for both, who are at the top and bottom of the watershed should be adopted. I hope the Supreme Court proposal of setting up a Cauvery Management Board will be implemented soon and that the Board will take into account the above suggestions for a Panchayat Raj lead water security system. Farmers of the delta area in Tamil Nadu are world leaders in managing water because of the very old tradition of conserving and utilising river water. As a tribute to farmers, MSSRF has proposed to FAO that the Grand Anicut (Kallanai) area should be declared as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS).

(MSSRF pic: A percolation pond, Goundarkulam)