This Children's Day, let's focus on educating first generation learners: Prof Swaminathan

Chennai, November 14, 2018: Professor M S Swaminathan has brought attention to the special needs of first generation learners, on the occasion of Chidren's Day this year.  Read his full statement here:

Today is Children’s Day, when we should remind ourselves that children are God’s gifts to the human family. It is important that attention is paid to their needs,  particularly in the areas of nutrition, health and education. The first thousand days in the child’s life are particularly important from the point of view of access to balanced diets.

An area of concern is the lack of adequate attention given to the education of first generation learners. Such children do not have access to books and other educational tools in their home because their parents are poor. I hope on Children’s Day we will attend to bridging this gap in our educational system. 

There is ample evidence to show that the first generation learners suffer from cognitive difficulties. A common syllabus will not therefore do. We should pay special attention to the education and nutritional needs of first generation learners, without further loss of time so that the country can derive full benefits of its rich human resource. Let education for first generation learners be the main area of concentration during this Children’s Day.