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Community Agrobiodiversity Centre, Wayanad

In 1997, MSSRF established its first Community Agro-biodiversity Centre in Wayanad district of Kerala to work on ‘community biodiversity management’ by promoting a coalition of the concerned, notably, government departments and voluntary organizations for the conservation of the genetic wealth of Wayanad and surrounding region. The partnership helped in achieving a unique breakthrough in the local efforts in conservation and sustainable utilization of plants of direct economic value like medicinal plants, ethnic food plants, and other traditional crop varieties. The objectives of the Centre are: (1) generate public awareness, participation and action for preventing further genetic erosion and strengthen the on farm and in-situ conservation traditions of rural and tribal families of Wayanad and adjoining regions; (2) create an economic stake in genetic resources conservation through the domestication of endangered plants of value in human and animal health and nutrition and their commercialization through remunerative buy-back arrangements; (3) save endangered plant species by multiplication using propagation techniques including tissue culture, mist propagation (4) provide opportunities for students of universities and colleges to undergo training in biosystematics and tribal taxonomy and undertake post-graduate dissertations in different aspects of agro-biodiversity conservation and use. For more details contact


M. S. Swaminathan Research Foundation
Community Agrobiodiversity Centre
Puthoorvayal, P.O.,
Meppadi, Wayanad,
Kerala - 673 577
Tel ; 04936 204477, 207019
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