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COVID and Beyond: Policy, Practice and Tools

The global pandemic around COVID-19 has meant that governments, scientists and civil society have come together to ensure that there is co-ordinated and much-needed response, especially for those most at need. The M S Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF) as an institution that works harnesses science for sustainable development especially among rural communities, has a mandate of a pro-poor, pro-nature and pro-women approach. Working across different agro-ecological zones in India, MSSRF has responded quickly to the COVID-19 emergency, providing support at the field level to rural communities and also facilitating situation assessments to provide policy recommendations. In the states where major interventions are happening with farming and fishing communities, MSSRF carried out systematic assessments with the communities, while also interacting with other stakeholders including scientific fraternity, government institutions besides market and corporate entities. The results of these assessments have been summarized into a series of emerging policy briefs.

Policy Briefs


                 COVID Policy Brief – Farming                                                                         COVID Policy Brief – Marine Fishers


                  COVID Policy Brief – Floriculture                                                                         COVID Policy Brief – Aquaculture    

Supporting work on the field


                 Supporting efforts to combat the coronavirus                                            Farmers dial in to agri-experts for help


Opinions and Analysis 


                          Shift to upscaling food rationing now                                                                   COVID-19 communication


               India’s coronavirus lockdown will hit                                                                                FPOs could help small holder farmers 

               women and migrant workers hardest                                                                          overcome the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown     



    Impact of COVID-19 on rural lives and livelihoods in India                        COVID-19 and women agricultural labourers:

                                                                                                                                               Field realities from Tamil Nadu

  Covid-19 and food security: Lessons for Indian Agriculture


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