The Empowerment of Tribal Women: Prof Swaminathan

Chennai, March 26, 2018: I am very happy that Smt Kamala Pujari of Koraput has been included as a Member of the State Planning Board of Odisha. She has been a leader in the participatory research programme we started in 1994 at Koraput. This led to the breeding of the high yielding and high quality rice variety Kalajeera. Based on our proposal, Koraput was declared by FAO as a Globally Important Agriculture Heritage Site (GIAHS). Also Koraput was selected by the UN for the Equator Initiative Award which was presented to Kamala Pujari during the Earth Summit held at Johannesburg, South Africa in 2002. The Kamala Pujari example shows the vast hidden talent and wisdom possessed by our tribal families. I wish to pay a tribute to the Chief Minister, Odisha Shri Naveen Patnaik for choosing Kamala Pujari as a Member of the State Planning Board, which he chairs. Her wisdom will be an asset to the Board.

My congratulations and very best wishes to Kamala Pujari for her success in getting the problems of Tribal’s addressed by the Planning Board.