Ensure economic well-being of farmers or else agrarian crisis and protests will continue: Prof Swaminathan

Chennai, November 22, 2018: Over 20,000 farmers have gathered in Mumbai to express their anguish in relation to delay in solving their economic problems. Unfortunately, farmers’ problems are being dealt with in an ad hoc manner than in a more fundamental way. Three areas of particular concern are: pricing, procurement and public distribution.  These areas play a large role in determining the economics of farming.  I have therefore been suggesting that instead of taking short term measures like loan write-off, it is high time to look at the economic well-being of farmers and measure our agricultural progress by their net income per hectare.  If this is not done, farmers’ agitations will continue and the agrarian crisis will persist.

( Pic : Farmers protest in Mumbai; Pic credit:  The Indian Express, Deepak Joshi)