Event postponed - MSSRF Millennium lecture - Dignity and Development

This event is postponed due to unavoidable reasons. We will initimate you the new date and time soon.

Speaker: Dr John Coonrod

Executive Vice President, The Hunger Project

Date: Event is postponed

Time: 10.30 am

Venue: M S Swaminathan Research Foundation, TTTI Post, Taramani, Chennai 600113

Abstract: At a time when democratic values are under seige in many parts of the world, it is vital to ground ourselves in fundamental principles and see how they apply to actions we contemplate today. Will our actions, in the words of Gandhi’s “talisman”, restore those living in extreme poverty to control over their own life and destiny? Dr. Coonrod’s Millennium Lecture will explore this challenge in light of the experience of the Movement for Community-led Development - a global civil society initiative working to transform the paradigm of development from patriarchal, top-down project to programs that strengthen the voice, agency and resources of all residents of local communities.

About Speaker

Dr John Coonrod is the Executive Vice President of The Hunger Project, where he is responsible for research, advocacy and advising the president on all aspects of strategic planning. He has worked in rural Africa, South Asia and Latin America for 30 years, and has founded and coordinates the Movement for Community-led Development. Dr Coonrod serves as co-chair of InterAction’s Food Security and Agriculture working group, as chair of Sarvodaya USA and on the board of Water for People. He is an avid amateur photographer and figure skater. Trained as a physicist at Stanford (BSc) and the University of California-Berkeley (MS, PhD), where he was active in the civil rights and antiwar movements, he worked as a research physicist at Princeton University. As a physicist, he was involved in design and construction of the first whole-body CAT scanner and the first tokamak designed to achieve break-even in generating energy.

All are Welcome. RSVP: hmrc@mssrf.res.in, +91 44 22541698