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Fisher Friend Mobile Application

The Fisher Friend Mobile Application (FFMA) is a unique, single window solution for the holistic shore-to-shore needs of the fishing community, providing vulnerable fishermen immediate access to critical, near real-time knowledge and information services on weather, potential fishing zones, ocean state forecasts, and market related information.

The application is an efficient and effective decision support tool for the fisher community to make informed decisions about their own personal safety and the safety of their boats, as well as make smart choices for fishing and marketing their catch.

FFMA is developed on an android platform in partnership with Wireless Reach Qualcomm and Tata Consultancy Services and is currently available in 9 languages.

Features of FFMA

Potential Fishing Zones (PFZ)

Fishermen receive GPS coordinates of large shoal concentrations through the PFZ advisories. Fishermen also receive in-season, species-specific advisories for high value fish which enables them to increase their incomes. PFZ helps them make informed decisions thereby minimizing expenditure of time, energy, and fuel, and boosts the fisherman’s confidence of a good catch, even before he sets out to sea.

Ocean State and Weather Forecast

Weather and ocean state forecasts help fishermen plan and control their fishing experience protecting their life and assets. During adverse forecasts, they stay ashore and gainfully employ time mending nets, avoiding possible threats to life and wasteful expenditure of fishing inputs.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

The GPS device is an indispensable tool that assists fishermen in tracking the PFZ, with reduced loitering time and fuel expenditure, and in recording navigational history. It also helps track sea routes to reach the shore safely, especially during turbulent weather and low visibility.

Danger zone Alerts

FFMA crowd sources information about oceanic hazards and renders it available for fishermen’s access to safeguard their lives and assets from sunken dangers like ships, coral reefs etc.

Disaster Alerts

FFMA provides life-saving and timely disaster alerts about impending cyclones, tsunamis etc. which protect fishermen and their assets.

Market realities

Timely information about prevailing prices in landing centres aids fishermen in increasing their negotiating power and in leveraging market realities for their economic benefit.

Emergency contact numbers

Fishermen have immediate access to Emergency contact numbers in case of maritime perils requiring immediate assistance.

International Maritime Border Line (IBL)

Fishermen are warned by an alert 5kms ahead of the international territorial waters. FFMA equips vulnerable fishermen to steer clear from illegal occupational hazards and safeguards them from international conflict and distress. INCOIS provides the scientific knowledge while the Indian Coast Guard provides the IBL coordinates.

Other Services

Other services such as news alerts, information on government schemes and subsidies, training programmes, latest information on technological innovations etc. are provided to the fishermen on a regular basis, allowing them access to a range of knowledge services.


  • Increased life safety and asset security
  • Timely and Informed decision-making
  • Shore-to-shore risk reduction
  • Increased fishing efficiency
  • Increased efficiency in fishing and quantity of catch
  • Increased bargaining power
  • Personalized user experience through archived navigational history


Fisher Friend Mobile Application of MSSRF won the mBillionth Award South Asia 2014 competing against 300 entries from 9 South Asian countries under the category of m- Agriculture and Ecology, on 18th July 2014, at the India Habitat Centre, Delhi. mBillionth South Asia Awards is an initiative of Digital Empowerment Foundation. It is a dedicated platform to recognize innovators who are socially empowering the lives of people through the use of ICT and digital media tools. Jury comments: "It is remarkable to see the continued use of Fisher Friend, an application that supports one of the most vulnerable communities of India that makes its livelihood by venturing the rough sea each day. The application has been taken as a model by other geographies such as Sri Lanka for its worthiness."

Geographic Outreach

The FFMA impacts marginalized fishing communities in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karanataka,Westbengal,Odisha and Puducherry. It is available in English, Tamil, Malayalam,Kannada,Marathi,Odisha, Gujarati Bengali and Telugu languages. It is envisaged to upscale to cover the entire coastline.

Fisher Friend Mobile Application (FFMA) available at Google Play store.

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