Four-point action plan can help achieve a hunger-free world by 2030: Prof Swaminathan

Chennai, October 17, 2018: This years’ World Food Day theme is a timely reminder of the fact that a zero hunger world is possible by 2030. For achieving this goal, we should take integrated action in the following four areas:

  • Calorie adequacy through the effective implementation of the National Food Act 2013 and other food entitlements like the school noon meal programme
  • Overcoming protein hunger through enlarged production and consumption of pulses (poultry eggs can also be introduced where appropriate)
  • Overcoming hidden hunger caused by micronutrient deficiencies through a national grid of genetic gardens of biofortified crops
  • Provision of clean drinking water and strengthening environmental hygiene

The above four point action plan can help us to achieve the goal of a hunger free world by 2030.

( In the pic: A kitchen garden with naturally fortified plants)