Funding for coral research is important for safeguarding marine biodiversity: Prof Swaminathan

Chennai, November 21, 2018: Coral reefs are sources of rich biodiversity and have been compared to tropical rainforests. Therefore, the decision to stop funding the Reef Science Centre in Australia is unfortunate and will affect adversely contemporary efforts to save coral reefs for the future. Nature has therefore rightly emphasized that there is need to review this decision and help to maintain the centre of excellence for coral reef studies based at James Cook University. I therefore support the request to Australian Government not to stop funding the Reef Science Centre. Such Centres are of inestimable value from the point of view of safeguarding marine biodiversity. Since sea water constitutes 97% of the world’s water resources, it is particularly important that coastal biodiversity is both conserved and utilized for ecological and nutrition security.

(Pic credit: ARC Centre of Excellence Coral Reef Studies/ Tory Chase)