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Gender & Grass-Root Institutions

Gender is one of the fundamental development issues. The Foundation started work on gender as early as 1993 with the setting up of the Uttara Devi Resource Centre in Gender and Development (UDRC). In 2012, ‘Gender and Grassroots Institutions’ was institutionally recognized as a crosscutting theme. The main objectives were to mainstream and integrate gender issues across programmes and evolve specific research studies on gender and institutions. The vision, mission and goals of the Programme Area are”:

VISION: “Achieving improved position of women and equitable gender relations in sustainable development initiatives”

MISSION: “Implementing the mandate in relation to gender, poverty and sustainability”

GOAL: Mainstreaming gender across the Foundation’s initiatives through

a) Interdisciplinary approach and

b) Research and interventions on pro-poor and pro women and sustainability mandate through Grass-roots Institutions (GRI)