Global recognition for eight librarians of the INELI network

 International Federation of Library Association names them on their virtual ‘Wall of Fame’

Eight Indian librarians find their name on a virtual wall of fame for being torch bearers of change and redefining the public library space. The librarians were part of the International Network of Emerging Library Innovators (India) implemented by MSSRF that has been creating a network of public librarians and libraries while building their skills for the past five years.

The “Wall of Fame” recognition by The International Federation of Library Association (IFLA), has been given for ideating and advocating change. The IFLA, an institution in the Netherlands, works on strengthening the library field. The librarians of the INELI network from India who have been selected are Mr A P Sivakumar, District Central Library, Trichy, Mr Benic Pandian Branch Library Thiruvottriur, Dr Gopal Mohan Shukla, Special library Allahabad, Dr ParthaSarthi Das , National Library, Kolkata, Dr A Janakiraman, MSSRF library, Dr Prabhjot Kaur District and Branch  library, Patiala & Amritsar, Dr Neeza Singh  State Central library, Chandigarh and Dr Deepak Kumar Srivastava, District Library, Kota. They are also part of a regional network to be launched as Asia Network of Library Innovators’ Foundation, to empower communities through librarians and libraries.

The list includes MSSRF’s librarian Dr A Janakiraman whose idea of a green library was recognized as contributing to the environment. The MSSRF Library now is a successful green library, implemented with the support of TATA Trusts, India. The easily replicable innovation, used solar panels to generate energy to run the library, minimizing electricity from the main grid, and also linking directly to UN-SDG Goal 7 on clean, affordable, reliable and modern energy for all.  IFLA is encouraging all libraries to weave UNSDGs into the plan of action, to support universal literacy for all by 2030. 

MSSRF has been working with public librarians and their libraries for the past five years, to deliver diverse need-based services for their communities. More than 150 programmes have been organized across 19 states in South Asia, funded by the Gates Foundation. Librarians made a remarkable shift in taking forward outreach programmes from women’s empowerment to climate action, from good health and nutrition to culture and heritage.  Across libraries, groups accessing these services have increased and include farmers, youth, children, physically challenged, women and senior citizens.

Inputs: Priyanka Mohan, Dr A Janakiraman

Edited by: Jayashree B