International Women’s Day: Prof Swaminathan


Chennai, March 8, 2018: International Women’s Day reminds us of the need for gender equity and justice in all our development programmes and in our day-today life. In parts of India, women are referred to as the Mother of Agriculture. This is because several thousand years ago, when agriculture was born, men were food gatherers, while women were food growers. Both men and women have played complementary and important roles in the field of food security. We could not have become world’s number one producer of milk, but for the fact that about 75 million women are involved in the Diary Industry through cooperatives. Again women have demonstrated that seemingly impossible task can be achieved through the organisation of Self Help Groups. Therefore, on this day we should rededicate ourselves to the cause of providing to every girl child and to women in general a rightful place in our life and work. In particular, this is important in the field of agriculture since nutrition and food security will depend upon the contributions of women both at the production and post-harvest stages of farming.