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Key Achievements

The Media Centre’s efforts reach out to people across media and region through a number of different ways and methods. These include the print, television media, social media, Foundation website, e-newsletters, conferences, events, debates and capacity building mechanisms. The Media Centre was a joint recipient of the Jawaharlal Nehru Prize for the year 2008 – 2009 conferred by the Indian Science Congress Association for propagating science. As part of its routine activities HMRC:

  • Facilitates an average of 250 news and media stories every year
  • Issues an average of 20 press releases or media briefs annually
  • Generates an average viewership of 20,000 page views every month on its website
  • Reaches an e-mailing list of over 1,100 persons every month with regular updates and invites
  • Regularly reaches over 10,000 social media users achieving close to 100,000 views for its social media updates every month
  • Has facilitated in or organized over 20 seminars and events every year
  • Has trained an average of 30 journalists every year as part of media capacity building
  • Facilitates reporting on scientific and development subjects on a regular basis
  • Has collated story ideas, photographs, videos and reading material for facilitating easier dissemination of information within and outside the Foundation