Key Achievements

Research or Development Outcome / Outcome of the Programme against its Major Focus

  1. Sustainable model of community owned and managed Village Knowledge Centres in different agro climatic zones in place
  2. Increased access to knowledge among farming and fishing men and women leading to informed decisions, and thereby building their adaptive capacity to reduce risks and  vulnerability across coastal states of India
  3. Helpline services created for farming in both Tamilnadu and Maharashtra had increased the farmers to access   for information on pest and disease management, availability of quality seeds, weather forecast and government schemes.
  4. Helpline services created in MSSRF for the fisher folk is the first of its kind in India which has made a difference to the lives of fisher families. Helpline Services  contributed to saving lives of 93 fishers through its critical information services
  5. Significant changes and adoption of ecologically friendly practices by fishers have spurred behaviour change in adoption of conservation of Marine biodiversity avoiding plastics to carry food, water and materials for fishing, capturing brooder crabs and juveniles etc.
  6. Fisherwomen have begun value added product preparation as one of the additional income generating activities.
  7. The information services such as Ocean State Forecast (OSF) and Potential Fishing Zone (PFZ) has helped to reduce uncertainty in terms of sustained fish catch and weather variability especially in times of dwindling fish stocks and climate change. These services have helped improve access to information, provide decision support systems, enhance livelihoods and economic benefits to fishing families and above all ensure a sense of safety and security for fishermen and their boats.


  1. Fisher Friend Mobile Application of MSSRF won the mBillionth Award South Asia 2014 competing against 300 entries from 9 South Asian countries under the category of m- Agriculture and Ecology, on 18th July 2014, at the India Habitat Centre, Delhi.
  2. Microsoft Unlimited Potential Programme (A Community Learning Programme) Project Jyoti Presented to M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation by Microsoft MUPP Award in 2006.
  3. Intel “Jaagruti” Award A Community Awakening Initiative In Appreciation of MSSRF Contribution to “Jaagruti” March 2006
  4. ”Project Information Village Research is an outstanding embodiment of the spirit of the Stockholm Challenge to promote inclusion through the use of information and communication technologies. The Stockholm Challenge Award 2001
  5. They embraced the technologies and basic communication system for supply of useful information in order to improve quality of life in Motorola Gold Award in1999.