Media workshop and dissemination of information on climate change

The 3-day media workshop from June 17- 19 at Tuticorin on 'Coastal Communities, Women and Climate Change Resilience' brought together Tamil and English language journalists from across Tamil Nadu, drawing attention to livelihood and environment challenges in the face of climate change along the Bay of Bengal coastline. MSSRF encouraged that journalists bring the voices of coastal communities - particularly women, to larger audiences. The workshop is part of the 'From Coast to Press: Her Voice' project, supported under the Bay of Bengal grant from Internews. Several news articles have been published since and links are shared In the MSSRF News section. 

The objective of the project is to enable journalists in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh to identify, access and understand, also appreciate local voices, as well as to provide a platform for coastal communities to receive science-based information on climate change resilience by using community radios as dissemination points. To facilitate this engagement in Tamil Nadu state, MSSRF met with women community volunteers at Kadalosai Community Radio in Pamban on May 2 -3 and with inputs from them, produced radio programmes. The episodes were broadcast during May and June, and has helped create awareness on climate change risks and resilience, attracting well-deserved appreciation and feedback from community listeners.

Below is the link to the aired radio programmes of Kadalosai CR on 'Coastal Communities, Women and Climate Change Resilience'