MSSRF’s Fish for All Centre won GRP - Mini Innovation Challenge

A pre-proposal was submitted focusing on Fisher Friend along with the sustainable fisheries activities of Fish for All Centre as one of the innovation for the Mini challenge announced by Global Resilience Partnership (GRP) during March 2019. After several rounds of scrutinizing process and online review, Even when the level of competition was stiff, the application ranked among the best. Fish for All Centre was selected by GRP for this innovation Challenge. 

About the GRP and the purpose of this innovation Challenge

GRP is a global partnership of public and private organizations joining forces towards a resilient, sustainable and prosperous future for vulnerable people and places. The Global Resilience Partnership (GRP) and USAID have joined forces with KPMG to launch an Innovation Challenge designed to identify and nurture novel examples of resilience. GRP announced for applications from organizations working on innovative solutions to build resilience at the intersection between three strategic areas: (i) Peace & Stability (ii) Food & Water Security (iii) Disaster Resilience from Africa, the Sahel, South Asia or Southeast Asia. This challenge also opened for organizations across public, private, local civil society, international NGOs, and academia as well as applications from individual entities or consortia. Challenge winners will receive mentorship support for a period of three months, technical advice, and media coverage through GRP’s communication team. They will also participate in an innovation workshop designed to ‘bring ideas to life and scale’, a Leadership Academy course facilitated by subject matter experts, and have the opportunity to network with potential funders.