MSSRF’s research to be featured in Springer India’s special issue on ICT and Agriculture

Chennai, November 14, 2018: M S Swaminathan Research Foundation coordinated with the journal ‘CSI Transactions on ICT’, published by Springer India, to bring out a special issue on Information Communication and Technology (ICT) and Agriculture. The emphasis of the proposed special issue of the journal is on publishing articles on the applicability and impact of diverse technologies among the farming and fishing community. 

CSI Transactions on ICT, being a peer-reviewed journal, aims at providing the most credible and reliable source of information on contemporary developments in modern ICTs. It welcomes research articles on ICT applications in different development sectors including agriculture.

This special issue is set to carry nine papers that capture the participatory research, development experience and scientific interventions made by MSSRF along with its associated partners in the area of integrating ICTs and Agriculture. 


Special Issue: ICT and Agriculture


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Title of the article

Name of the authors


ICT and agriculture

Madhura Swaminathan and M.S. Swaminathan


Role of hub and spoke model for ICTs in agriculture


Nancy J. Anabel, Priyanka Mohan and R. Rajkumar


Quality farmer training videos to support South–South learning


Paul Van Mele, Florent Okry, Jonas Wanvoeke, Nafissath Fousseni Barres, Phil Malone, Jo Rodgers, Evana Rahman and Ahmad Salahuddin


Fisher Friend Mobile Application: a decision support system for small scale fishers in India

Nancy J. Anabel, S. Velvizhi and D. Suvitha


Mobile based learning for sustainable livelihoods: gender and pedagogy in the Life Long Learning for Farmers programme in India


P. Thamizoli, K. Balasubramanian, James Onyango, K. Kamaraj and R. Rengalakshmi


Role of Plant Clinics in addressing pest and disease management


R. Rajkumar and Nancy J. Anabel


The online culture of agriculture: exploring social media readiness of agricultural professionals

Bhattacharjee Suchiradipta and Saravanan Raj


Learning through social media: a Promethean gift?


Alexis Carr, P. Thamizoli, R. Rengalakshmi and K. Balasubramanian


Application of the internet of things (IoT) for smart farming: a case study on groundnut and castor pest and disease forewarning


Santosh Sam Koshy, Venkata Srikanth Sunnam, Prateek Rajgarhia, Kathiresan Chinnusamy, Durga Prasad Ravulapalli and Sarada Chunduri


MSSRF's editorial team: Dr. Madhura Swaminathan, Chairperson, Ms. Priyanka Mohan, Consultant, IEC programme, Dr. R Rengalakshmi, Director, Ecotechnology, and Ms. Nancy J Anabel, former Director, IEC, played an important role in contributing and facilitating publishing of the research articles.  Technical support was given by Mr. Dayanandam, Secretary, Biotechnology, for uploading and coordinating for the online submission.