MSSRF pays tributes to Thiru Nel Jayaraman, preserver of traditional rice

Chennai, December 7, 2018: Thiru Nel Jayaraman, who had been preserving traditional rice varieties for many decades, passed away this morning. Prof M S Swaminathan paid tribute to this great agriculturalist.Prof Swaminathan's statement is below:

"Contributions of late Nel Jayaraman in the preservation of traditional rice varieties are of great value in rice breeding.  The world as a whole has nearly 150,000 varieties of rice largely due to the collection and preservation efforts of farmers like Thiru Nel Jayaraman.  MSSRF will be organising a workshop on community conservation of rice with specific reference to monumental contributions of Thiru Nel Jayaraman.  Thiru Jayaraman has not only conserved the important material, but also maintained records and registers of both farmers and rice genetic resources.  I hope his example will be followed by the younger generation, so that we have gene security in rice. MSSRF pays homage to Thiru Jayaraman for his contributions to the future of rice world."

(Pic courtesy: dnaindia)