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Dr. V.R. Prabavathy  is currently Principal Scientist at MSSRF. She holds a Ph. D degree in Botany with specialization in Microbiology and plant pathology. She is currently engaged in studying the genetic and functional diversity of the culturable and unculturable rhizosphere bacteria associated with coastal agricultural and mangroves ecosystems.She has expertise in identification of potential PGPR strains based on a polyphasic approach and developing them as Biofertilizers and Biopesticides to enhance crop productivity and improve soil health. She has published over 25 research papers. She can be contacted at

Dr. Gayatri  Venkataraman  is currently working as a Principal Scientist in the Plant Molecular Biology Laboratory at MSSRF. She has a Ph.D in Life Sciences from Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi) and She is interested in the area of plant abiotic stress tolerance, with particular emphasis on salinity tolerance  of select mangrove species and associates, borne out by numerous publications of original research articles in peer reviewed plant journals of high-medium impact and poster presentations at conferences. She has extensive hands-on experience with plant molecular biological techniques, tissue culture, plant transformation and bioinformatics. Her e-mail id is:


Mr. R. Kalaimani  is currently working as Scientist at MSSRF, Kalpakkam. He holds a B.Sc. degree in Agriculture. He is currently engaged in Maintaining the Salinity tolerant, Drought resistant and Ferritin rich Transgenic paddy lines; Maintaining the pure lines of the transgenic lines and seed multiplication and Maintaining the Demonstration cum research Farms at IGCAR, Kalpakkam campus. He can be contacted at



 Kolli Hills

Dr. E.D. Israel Oliver King, a Principal Scientist  in MSSRF, Namakkal, holds a Ph.D degree in Botany. His team has worked out innovative community based models(CBM)  for conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, particularly landraces of small millets with the support of SDC. He has contributed to the study on Using Markets to promote the sustainable Utilization of crop genetic resources supported by FAO and IFPRI. He has researched on Payment for Agro‐ biodiversity Conservation Services, Biodiversity International, Rome supported by Syngenda Foundation and is actively involved in Global study on CBM and Empowerment supported by Wageningen University and Research Centre/Centre for Development Innovation, Netherlands. He coordinated the project on small millets supported by IDRC,  CIDA . He is a National coordinator of the IFAD‐Bioversity International project on reinforcing the resilience of poor rural communities in the face of Food insecurity, Poverty and climate change through on farm conservation of local agro biodiversity.  He  also leads the NABARD-supported Tribal Development project in Kolli Hills and serves as a Coordinator for South Asia on FAO‐ ITPGRFA sponsored CBM and Resilience project.  He serves in Advisory Committees of State in areas of Dryland and Hills Agriculture, Agro Forestry, Non‐conventional Energy, Tribal Welfare. He is a noted expert in Environmental Information Systems (ENVIS) node and Centre of Excellence on Ecological Heritage sites‐Sacred Forests. His varied experience covers: Community biodiversity management, Gender and conservation, Genetic literacy, Community institution building and livelihoods, folk arts and traditions and visual documentation. He has widely traveled to many countries and has published several papers. He can be contacted at 

Coastal Systems Research

Dr. R. Ramasubramanian, Director in Coastal Systems Research Programme of MSSRF, has a doctorate in Botany.  He has more than 18 years of participatory research experience in the areas of mangrove conservation and management.  His expertise includes mangrove and halophytes taxonomy, their ecology, mangrove sylviculture practices and halophyte farming. He has participated in national, international conferences, workshops and published 7 books and 15 papers in various journals. He can be contacted at 

Dr. Parasuraman, Principal Scientist, holds  a Ph.D. and is working since 1991 with MSSRF Chennai. He is currently engaged in the Youth Development Programme for Agriculture with IEC department. He contributes exclusively for attracting and retaining educated youth in farming.  He has been successful in promoting literacy among economically and socially underprivileged children. He has been closely associated with the programme "Every Child a Scientist" where students from Corporation schools learn Scientific Principles and Concepts through multimedia and field visits following the method of "learning by doing". He played a major role in developing the "Touch and Smell Garden" for visually impaired students, to appreciate the beauty of nature and biodiversity. His major contributions were for education and nutrition and he is effectively putting efforts in bringing harmony and human security in all dimensions. Recently, he received three awards namely Education Excellence Award, Karmveer Puraskar and the Award for Best Citizen of India .He can be contacted at



Dr S.Velvizhi is Co-ordinator of MSSRF's 'Fish for All' Centre at Poompuhar. She holds a Ph D,  M.Sc and M.Phil in Marine Biology and Oceanography with specialization in Coastal fishers and tribal livelihood. She joined MSSRF in 2002 and is presently coordinating the Fisher Friend Programme of IEC division, which provides precision forecast services, capacity building on new fishing technologies, literacy on sustainable fisheries and Fish quality control measures to the fishing community. It uses multiple technological platforms, but predominantly mobile phones, in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Andra Pradesh, Orissa and Kerala. She received the Ambedhar Award in 2010 for her contribution in popularizing and strengthening marine based livelihood options to rural fishing communities. She can be reached at 


R. Nagarajan is a Senior Scientist co-ordinating the GIS and Remote Sensing Lab in the Coastal Systems Research Programme at MSSRF. He has nearly a decade of expertise in GIS and RS applications in Water Resource, Urban Planning, Land Cover and Coastal Systems, and Socio-economic mapping. He has training in Satellite Imagery interpretation, Cartography, Water Resource Management, and Spatial modeling and has expertise in various advanced software. He holds a Masters degree in Spatial Information Technology and can be contacted on

S. Punitha is a Scientist at MSSRF on the Coastal Systems Research team, engaged in creating maps for existing projects. With a post graduation in Applied Geography, specializing in GIS and Remote Sensing, she has extensive experience in GIS and Remote sensing packages and GPS survey.  Email:



P Nandeesh, is  a post graduate in Sociology and is working as a  Project coordinator in Villupuram field site, Tamil Nadu. He has more than 20 years of field experience in Institution building, watershed management and Participatory approaches. He joined the foundation in 2010 and prior to that he was associated with development NGOs in Tamil Nadu involved in disaster management and rural development. He has hands-on experience in facilitating Participatory Rural Appraisals and Appreciative Inquiry methods for assessment, planning and resolving issues in rural development.  He can be reached at


M. Devaraj is currently working as a Senior Scientist at, Kannivadi field Site, Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu.  He holds a Master degree in Information Technology with a Post graduate diploma in Computer applications. He is currently engaged in coordinating climate information services for farmers and has good working knowledge in Developing ICT based e-Content for print-based / mobile-based /web-based learning. He has participated in both in national and international level workshops and can be contacted at


R. Seenivasan is working as Senior Scientist at Kannivadi field Site, Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu and holds a Master Degree in Botany.  He is currently engaged in grassroots institution building and promoting multiple livelihoods for women farmers. He possesses  good hands-on experience and knowledge in working with women collectives and  has three publications in organic farming. He can be contacted at


B.Selvamukilan is a Senior Scientist at Kannivadi  field Site, Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu. He holds a masters degree in Biochemistry and Biotechnology and completed his doctoral research on wilt disease management in Banana. He is currently working on rural entrepreneurship and has expertise in promoting ecoenterprises. He has a good working knowledge in low cost biofertlizer and biopesticide production. He has written five research articles and can be contacted at

Information, Education and Communication

R.Rajamanikkam is a Technology Professional who is currently working as a Senior Scientist in the IEC, Chennai since 2000. He has made significant contributions to Integrated Technology Management and explored and introduced new technologies. His area of expertise includes – computer related accessories and related new technologies, debugging and fixing the issues. Currently has been involving in coordination of the Technical activities across entire MSSRF, and sites located in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Maharashtra. He can be reached at

R.Srinivasan, Scientist, holds a B.Tech degree in Computer Science Engineering. He has extensive work experience in web portal development and software tools development by using open source technologies (LAMP). He successfully executed various software projects for government organization and also led the development team for a leading tamil daily “daily thanthi” Newspaper . He is currently working on developing a web based knowledge management system for the overall foundation website and designs ICT based decision support system models to bridge the rural digital divide under the IEC Programme Area. He can be reached at


D.S.Girija, holds an M.Phil in Sociology and did her graduation in B.SC (Agr) and masters in M.A. Sociology. She is currently serving as a Senior Scientist, Village Resource Centre, Puducherry. She has adequate skill sets and good networking skills with departments to manage the Village Resource centres and Village Knowledge Centres which is community-focussed to address the needs of the community through various information technologies. She can be contacted at girija


R. Elangovan is currently working as a Scientist at Parangipettai Village Resource Centre. Parangipettai. He holds a post graduation in Sociology degree in Rural and Urban Sociology and Environmental Sociology. He has vast experience in Solid waste Management, Health and sanitation. He involves in Organising and facilitating fisheries related awareness and training programmes, linkages with Govt/NGOs/Institutions for strengthening the VRC and VKC activities and serves for the livelihood enhancement of fisher folks and other communities. He can be contacted at 


Dr. R. Rajkumar holds a  Ph.D in Agriculture Economics from Bharathidasan University. At present, he is working as Senior Scientist in Village Resource Centre, Pudukkottai. His achievements in the areas of Education and rural development are commendable. His areas of expertise are networking and partnership, gender, intra and interpersonal communications, Govt. entitlements, and knowledge empowerment through ICT. His contribution has been recognized through Dr. Malcolm S. Adiseshiah Award, Satyan Maitra Memorial National Literacy Award and Bose Science Society award in recognition of his dedicated services in the field of ICT for Rural Development. He has made presentations in the national and international seminars.  He can be contacted at 


G.Sudhakar holds a Post Graduate degree in Agriculture, and currently serving as the Scientist at Village Resource Centre, Thiruvaiyur. His work contributed to understand the basic problems faced by the farmers related to agricultural practises and provides inputs to enhance their productivity. His area of expertise includes agricultural extension through ICT which has been effectively used to address the farmer’s queries. He is a trained plant doctor to serve the farmers in the plant clinics. He also served in agro-input marketing like fertilizers, specialty fertilizers, micronutrients and plant protection chemicals. He can be contacted at 


Agriculture, Nutrition and Health

Dr R. Gopinath Senior Scientist MSSRF, has a doctoral degree in Development Economics and over 15 years of work experience in research and development. His core areas of specialization are agrarian transformation and food security. As part of this, he engages in research on rural transformation programmes such as MGNREGS, monitoring and evaluation of state and central government programmes. He is also associated with the implementation of action research at the field level for food and nutrition security and engages in policy advocacy for upscaling. He leads projects on agricultural policies and programmes funded by both Govt of India and Government of Tamil Nadu. He was monitoring officer of the Govt of India for concurrent evaluation of the implementation of National Food Security Act in Puducherry UT for 2018-19 and 2019-20. He can be contacted at

Akshaya Kumar has a Masters in Sustainable Development from Sikkim Manipal University, Gangtok. He has worked with MSSRF, Orissa, since 2001 in the areas of biodiversity conservation, food, nutrition and health security and participatory livelihood improvement. He has experience and understanding of pro-nutrition agriculture interventions, knowledge and experience of participatory assessments, training methodologies, ICT tools and documentation skills. For ANH, Akshaya is a Senior Scientist, working exclusively on research and coordinates the Farming System for Nutrition initiative in Koraput district, Odisha.

Raju S holds a postgraduate degree in Economics from Madras School of Economics (MSE), Chennai. Prior to working with MSSRF, he worked for six years as a Project Associate at MSE. He is trained in statistical packages for data analysis, and in decoding and processing unit record data of the National Sample Survey Organisation. Raju is a Senior Research Fellow responsible for the management of all primary data generated under LANSA. He also assists in secondary data research. Email: