MSSRF's Annual Conference to focus on 'Farming System for Nutrition'


The Foundation's annual conference for 2017, based on the theme of ‘Farming System for Nutrition’ is to be held from August 7 – 9, 2017 at MSSRF in Chennai, India. The Regional Consultation aims to bring stakeholders from agriculture, nutrition, health and related domains to examine evidences on this theme from across the globe and within India. Agro-biodiversity, climate change, technology and the elements to bridge the gaps – gender, social inclusion and nutrition literacy will be explored. Farm men and women will share experiences in bringing a nutrition focus to farming. The outcome of the consultation will serve as a valuable advocacy tool at different forums to mainstream nutrition in agriculture policy and strategy.  This will be presented to policy makers at the national and regional levels to bring a nutrition sensitive focus in agriculture policy and strategy.  

The three-day consultation will include the following technical sessions.

  • Pathways of Farming System for Nutrition (Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture)
  • Agro biodiversity/Climate Change and Farming System for Nutrition
  • Nutritionists’ Perspective on Farming System for Nutrition
  • Role of Technology in Farming System for Nutrition
  • Bridging the Gaps
  • Farmers’ Experiences with Farming System for Nutrition
  • Policy Support required for Farming System for Nutrition


Farming System for Nutrition

The concept of Farming System for Nutrition (FSN), works on the premise that household food production is important to diets of farm families, particularly small holders. This farmer-led strategy is defined by Prof M S Swaminathan as: “The introduction of agricultural remedies to the nutritional maladies prevailing in an area through mainstreaming nutritional criteria in the selection of the components of a farming system involving crops, farm animals and wherever feasible, fish”. This location-specific, inclusive model is based on resource endowments and specific environment to address nutritional needs of families.

Event Brochure 

Final Agenda