Now Online: Mrs Mina Swaminathan’s work of a lifetime


August 2017: The work of Mrs Mina Swaminathan, Distinguished Chair, Gender and Development, M S Swaminathan Research Foundation, on gender, early childhood development and theatre has been compiled in an online archive. The archives were launched on August 7, 2017 during the inaugural programme of the Regional Conference on Farming System for Nutrition held at MSSRF. Ms A S Padmavathi, a long associate of Mrs Swaminathan and a communication expert, spoke on the occasion and launched the archive.

Mrs Swaminathan has had a long and varied career. A leading practitioner, teacher, educator and writer on Early Childhood Education (ECE), she has been a prolific writer through her life, and the archive seeks to create a repository of some of her important publications as well as work in video and film.

This repository aims to preserve and disseminate in digital format the work of Mrs Mina Swaminathan. It enables access to her preprints; post prints, videos and scholarly publications using a web interface, and has been organized for easy retrieval. The archives can be accessed on