Only interaction of technology and public policy can end paradox of poor living with grain mountains : Prof Swaminathan


Chennai, September 12, 2018: Today, is the 9th death anniversary of Norman Borlaug, the greatest hunger fighter of the 20thcentury. Also today, there is a report from several UN organisations that the number of hungry increased to 821 million from 16.6 million since 2009, the highest in eight years. I have formally drawn attention many times to the anomaly of the coexistence of Grain Mountains and hungry millions. Obviously, food production alone is not enough. We have to take steps to ensure that every child, woman and man has the ability to access and absorb the needed food. This will call for a cadre of Hunger Fighters in every village. MSSRF has developed a training programme for hunger fighters. A Panchayat level committee can undertake the task of training adequate number of hunger fighters who will help to ensure that in the concerned village, all the three forms of hunger, viz., undernutrition, protein hunger and hidden hunger caused by micronutrient deficiencies are eliminated. Nobel Laureates like Dr Borlaug have shown the way to achieving freedom from hunger. It is now up to the political leaders and policy makers to help in developing appropriate public policies for achieving the zero hunger goals. It is only interaction between technology and public policy that can end the paradox of hungry people living along with Grain Mountains.