A project to strengthen tribal women's skills and knowledge

MSSRF has initiated a project with the support of FrauenPower to strengthen tribal women's skills and knowledge in the development of the 'eco-project' in Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu. It was found that women in tribes had limited access to training and on development of eco-precursors, lacked market awareness and lacked the opportunity to exploit local plant genetic resources. 

The aim of this training programme is to create awareness on conservation and sustainable use of local resources, to enhance value-added training for the primary and secondary processing of locally available plant genetic resources, to establish financial ties for tribal women and market connections for their products, and finally to develop training modules for trainers and to build up tribal women cadres (trainers) for the development of the rural eco-project. This project aims to empower women, especially those in the age group of 20-35 to use their natural environment and available resources for a sustainable and mutually beneficial development. FrauenPower believes MSSRF is an economic pathway for the sustainable management of local resources through the creation of an economic share in nature conservation.

Author: Dr E D Israel Oliver King