Protect coastal Kerala's monazite sands from impact of floods, says Prof Swaminathan

Chennai, August 18, 2018: The unprecedented floods and rains in Kerala emphasise the need for proactive preparation to meet such calamities. I had recommended in Sardar Patel Lectures of All India Radio in 1973 that we should have both a drought code and the flood code ready so that we can minimize the adverse impact of deficit or excess of rainfall.  The Kuttanad package also provides some guidelines for flood avoidance or management. In this connection, there is also need to study the impact of floods in the coastal regions of Kerala (old Travancore area) which contain radioactive minerals like Thorium. Such monazite sands need to be conserved since they provide raw material for nuclear power plants. I hope this urgent task will be undertaken by the Kerala Science and Technology Commission. Thorium came to our help when we were denied uranium.

( Photo: Monazite sand in a beach in South Kerala)