Registrations open for Monsoon Bash 2018

Monsoon bash 2018 announces 5 batches on Jul 21-22, Jul 28-29, Aug 04-05, Aug 11-12 and Aug 18-19 with limited registration for the exciting ‘Birding and Frog watching tour’. It’s a knowledge rich trail rather than mere entertainment with the exhilarating flocks of birds, a nocturnal journey with frog’s army and toad’s knot at MSSBG. MSSBG is an ecotone between farmlands and natural forests and nearly 80 species of birds, including many endemics call it home. Elusive migratory birds also arrive from northern hemisphere in addition to that it’s a roosting and nesting habitat for various species of birds. MSSBG has enriched with the incredible diversities of Frog and Toads. Knowing your comrades more is fun! A nocturnal tour and moonlight walk through nature leads to these inhabitants. So book your seats in advance for this exciting event! Don’t miss a chance for being a part of this tour.

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