How will we go for work: Our girl children are alone in our houses 


The pandemic closed the schools. The regular classes of children has became through online platforms. This situation compels the children to sit at home for all the days. This situation creates security issues for girl children’s as their mothers are going for labour at the estates. now the parents are worried about the safety of their children in their houses most of the parents are afraid about the safety of their girls when they go to work. The Head master of  the Elappara high school says that before Covid-19 crisis, many parents asked teachers permission to let their children in school during holidays. When schools was opened they had no worries about the safety of their children but now things are different. The situation of the estate houses is even worse than that of a cow shed.

In addition, there are many differently abled children and adults are living in the estate. Many of them lives their life in the one room of the cottages.  The special schools for children in some parts of the estate are a relief to such people but because of the Covid-19  lock down, the special schools also closed. This is a big crisis to the differently abled people specially those who are suffering from cerebral plasma and autism. Parents of such children, especially mothers are not able to go to work because their children are alone in the houses.

At the end, the news advocated the need for appropriate arrangements for the safety of differently abled children and girls should be implemented in the estate sector on priority.

This article first published on 16 January 2021,  Rastriya Deepika e paper.