Strengthening collaboration with Andhra Pradesh Fisheries Department

Chennai Nov 2, 2019: The Fisheries Department of Andhra Pradesh will collaborate with MSSRF to strengthen fishers and empowering fisherwomen in the state with a new initiative to improve fishing and fish marketing. This emerged with the Fisheries Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr Mopidevi Venkataramana Rao visited the Foundation in Chennai.

During his interaction, Prof M S Swaminathan, emphasized the importance of mangrove conservation to maintain biodiversity of seas and it was for mangrove conservation and research that MSSRF scaled up its work in Andhra Pradesh earlier. The Fisheries Minister met the scientific team from the Coastal Systems Research program. A presentation on how MSSRF is changing lives of fishers at Poompuhar, Tamilnadu with the notion “Fish for all and fish forever”, research on saline tolerant rice research and a visit to the Biotechnology lab where he spent significant time learning about research on this and on microbes.

New initiatives and opportunities to enhance marine fishing and marketing in Andhra Pradesh were discussed based on the research experience of MSSRF.