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SUPER Farm India – _SUstainable farming through effective Pollination and pEst Regulation in India

SUPER Farm India – _SUstainable farming through effective Pollination and pEst Regulation in India

Duration: Aug 2019 to July 2021

Study sites: Puducherry

Project Contact:  Ms.Girija  and  Dr.R.Rengalakshmi

Donor:  GCRF Strategic Fund – Substantial Research Project – University of Reading, UK

Project Objectives: This project aims  (i) to explore opportunities for ecologically intensive farming interventions in economically important crops in North and South India and (ii) to better understand the role of biodiversity in the delivery of pollination and pest regulation services to smallholder crop production in India.

Expected outcomes: Study on the impacts of the contrasting farm management on biodiversity and ecosystem service provision; explore barriers and incentives that influence farmer behaviour towards more environmentally sustainable practices