Time to get ready with a deficient monsoon management strategy

Chennai, March 22, 2015 : "IMD has forecast that the total rainfall this year may be 93% of normal and also there is 35% probability of deficient monsoon.  Forewarned is forearmed.  Therefore we should start preparing contingency plans to suit different rain fall probabilities such as seed banks and rain water harvesting and efficient use procedures.  What is important for farmers is the the inter-spell duration in rains and the conversion of generic information to location-specific advice.  Some States like Assam may have reduced fury of floods, if the rainfall is less.  Rainfed regions like Vidharbha will suffer more.  More than 60% of our cultivated area is monsoon dependent. It is time we get ready with a deficient monsoon management strategy.  Such a strategy should be prepared jointly with farm families by Agricultural Universities, ICAR Institutions and Agricultural Departments.  Special attention should be paid to feeding and saving farm animals since the first sign of distress is the sale of farm animals.

Our farmers are already suffering and it looks although they have to be prepared for even more testing times."