Upcoming seminar: 'Sustainable emancipation of small and marginal farmers', by Mr Raghavan

MSSRF invites you to a seminar by Mr S Raghavan, former Director of Indian Oil Corporation (IBP unit), on ' Emancipation of small and marginal farmers sustainably' on Friday, February 8, 2019 at 11.30 am. 

About the talk:
Agriculture has become unprofitable and unviable and the real distress is faced by small and marginal farmers. These farmers live on fragmented lands, in perpetual debts, buy poor quality seeds, rely on rain-fed irrigation and depend on the intermediaries to sell their produce due to lack of marketing ability. This makes them incapable of practicing farming independently and as a result makes them unable to sustain their families economically. Adding to their misery, they are forced to borrow from money lenders at high interest rates, as possibility for receiving bank loans quickly is very low.

Mr. Raghavan’s passion is to find a solution to uplift small and marginal farmers in the country. He has been studying their problems for a long time and has stayed in villages to see their plight. He along with a team of professionals is working to spread ideas about sustainable farming practices and using the team’s expertise to scale up operations of these farmers.