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What we do

The programme focus is at four levels of PGR management

Genetic level to understand the diversity of crop varieties and other genetic resources of wild original that are direct value to the local communities;

at Species level on conservation of those endangered species figured in various Red Lists and the Indian Red Data Books,

at Ecosystem level, the fragile Agricultural Landscapes, and

at Community level,to know the management of overall agro-biodiversity, including its curative, culinary and cultural dimensions.


The operational activities are streamlined under four major components:

  1. Integrated Conservation and Cultivation with an objective ofreducing the rate of loss of on-farm genetic diversity in rice, millets and yams, and promotion of cultivation of heritage crops;
  2. Rare Endemic and Threatened plant species Conservation through Botanic Gardenswith focus in education on Biodiversity,
  3. promotion of sustainable Consumption and Commerce of PGRs with focus on sustainable food security andcreation of an economic stake in conservation;
  4. Protection of Farmers Rights and TK related to Biodiversitywith an aim of facilitate access and benefit sharing.