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What we do

The Centre has a five-pronged approach towards achieving its goal. This includes:

  1. Maintaining and providing essential resources on development issues and scientific advancement for media, research and society
  2. Engaging in media outreach on key social concerns and facilitates effective reporting across various formats and regions
  3. Capacity Development of various stakeholders in development, science and the media to engage in mutually beneficial dialogue for social change
  4. Advocacy with members of the public, key policy makers and stakeholders in the development process in order to ensure a conducive environment for development
  5. Facilitate discussion platforms and events for key scientific and development concerns among academicians, media professionals, experts and members of the public

Since its inception, the Media Resource Centre has created a resource base on various issues related to research, science and development. Several public forums to engage with general public, and numerous public lectures with renowned experts have been organized. Through extensive media outreach, national and regional media professionals from Chennai have had, varied interaction with experts, visits to the community, capacity building support and have been participants in policy advocacy workshops.  The resource centre is stocked with numerous video films for dissemination, instruction and training.

As part of its growing vision, the Centre also provides media fellowships to journalists who display the potential for in-depth reporting on development issues.

  • Capacity Building: HMRC engages, both internally and externally in capacity building exercises on forming stronger and more mutually satisfying links with media. Internal knowledge sharing and media engagement workshops help in building greater understand of the media priorities and functioning. Engagement with media houses through consultations and workshops helps in facilitating greater understanding of development issues. MSSRF works closely with other organizations and institutions towards facilitating this process. 
  • Events and discussion platforms: Routine engagement with diverse audiences, students, researchers, scientific communities, policy makers and heads of other national and multilateral organizations takes place on a regular basis at the Foundation. HMRC plays a supportive role in facilitating the engaging on these occasions through events, seminars, discussions, public lectures, workshops and visits. These form part of the engagement of linking lab-to-lab, lab-to-land and land-to-lab.
  • Media Advocacy: In the process of linking science and society, the media plays an important role.As part of efforts to advocate on issues related to development, especially scientific research, agriculture and nutrition that MSSRF is working on, HMRC takes continuous efforts to engage with media houses on a regular basis. The focus here is on the issue, rather than on the activity or event itself. Themes such as gender and technology that are closely embedded in the Foundation's work are also taken up for broader awareness and dissemination on field-level initiatives. HMRC also carries out regular media tracking on relevant themes with periodic analysis of messages carried in the media. These initiatives form part of greater synergy in media messaging and output.
  • News updates: The various communication channels to share work being done by the Foundation that are managed by HMRC include the Foundation website that contains an overview and content related to various activities and news at the Foundation. Efforts are taken to update the site regularly with the latest news and events taking place at MSSRF. Relevant resource material and backgrounder, press releases are updated. HMRC also manages publication of the print newsletter "Synergy", every quarter. Synergy captures news and events from across the various programme areas and field sites of the Foundation, also showcasing special stories of change and innovation that are taking place. The e- version of Synergy goes out every 2 weeks and is linked to the news and web updates on the Foundation site.

For copies of our latest newsletter in print or e-version, write in to

  • Social Media: The Media Resource Centre also manages MSSRF social media handles on twitter and facebook. The twitter handle @mssrf and facebook page are updated with events and campaigns as MSSRF constantly looks for new ways to engage with diverse audiences. The shift towards focusing more on new media has helped leverage current trends to facilitate conversations on development, science and the work of the Foundation.