World Humanitarian Day message - Prof M S Swaminathan

World Humanitarian Day – 19 August 2019

The importance of humanitarian approach in our day-to-day life was emphasized by Maria in the following poem.

“Again and again in history
Some special people wake up
They have no ground in the crowd
They move to broader laws
They carry strange customs with them
And demand room for bold and
Audacious actions
The future speaks ruthlessly through them
They change the world”

-       Maria Rilke Ranier

It is necessary to operationalise this concept at the local level. A good method for this purpose will be adopting a biovillage model of sustainable is also important that we should achieve freedom from hunger for enabling every child woman and man to achieve their full genetic potential for mental and physical development.  The humanitarian approach should ensure that every one in our planet lives peacefully and happily.