World Radio Day: Prof M S Swaminathan


February 13, 2018: Efficient and timely communication is the pathway to get knowledge of importance for human wellbeing, spread. I recall that in the 1960s when we were introducing to farmers the semi-dwarf high yielding varieties of wheat and rice, the farmers always used to refer to the new varieties as “Radio Varieties” since they had heard about them for the first time over All India Radio. Today we find in MSSRF, that the internet – mobile telephony combination is a very powerful tool to reach the unreached and give voice to the voiceless. Therefore, we should further strengthen the role of radio the way the Prime Minister is already doing through his Mann Ki Baat. This can help spread timely information on new technologies as well as on prevention of pests and diseases in agriculture. The World Radio Day makes us look back on the critical role radio had played in the past, in agriculture production through the Green Revolution, for improving the quality of human life, as well as the role it can play today in  combination with other media.


(MSSRF File pic: AIR Jeypore)