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Mr Gyanachand Jagannath

Mr Gyanachand Jagannath is a dedicated journalist who covers live special reports during times of crisis. He is adept at interviewing renowned politicians, sports personalities, and celebrities, as well as reporting press conferences. He has served in distinguished roles in SAMBAD, Odisha for more than five years.


Story 1: Self-sufficiency in Women through Vegetable Cultivation

Story 2: More than 70 landraces of paddy varieties have been conserved by Tulasa

Publications and Newsletters

International Conference 2021

This fortnight e-synergy has some of the eminent participants’ videos who speak on various issues related to food and agriculture.

MSSRF Annual Report 2020-2021

Thirty-First Annual Report



From water scarcity to sufficiency
By: Ms Yogalakshmi Rajendran and Mr Kumaragurubaran
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Touch and Smell Garden sets the path for inclusive spaces
By: Ms Kavipriya D
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