Alternate Seed systems in Pulses

The yield gap in pulses is about 30 to 40% of its potential yield. The main reason was use of a quality seed as well as the suitable variety. The commercial seed production by the farmers is also very less and seed companies are also not actively engaged in pulses seed production. Department of Agriculture has been producing seeds and distribute them among farmers. However, the seed replacement ratio is lower in pulses which is one of the reasons for lower productivity. To reduce the gap, now Farmer Producer Organizations are emerging as seed producers and distributors for the locally suitable varieties. The FPOs are promoting its shareholders to produce seeds by providing training in pulses seed production with buy back arrangements and supply quality seeds to its members as truthfully labeled seeds. Also, suitable variety to the location was identified through series of Participatory Varietal Trials. The FPO collectively processes the seeds through its seed processing hub and ensure its distribution. As a result the seed replacement ratio has improved and yield gap at the farmers’ field has reduced at 10-12 %.

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