Farmer collectives for small holders’ competitiveness

MSSRF has been adopting a collectives approach to promote small farmers competitiveness in input and oputput marketing services, technical support, credit and insurance services. Eight FPOs have been promoted across field sites working with 8900 farmers. The FPOs intervention in the market as aggregator helps to reduce the market intermediaries at one or two levels and directly make a link with either processing firms in case of pulses, maize and cotton in southern states and retailers in vegetables. The attempt to move the value chain by involving in value addition of the primary products and directly reaching the consumers (paddy, millets, coffee, cold-pressed oils etc) have increased farmers’ income upto 60%. The Foundation is recognised by NABARD as one of the producer organisations promoting institution that works closely with Tamil Nadu Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium on revising the policy.

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