Fish for All Centre

The Fish for All Research and Training Centre of M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation was conceptualized as a part of addressing a long- term strategy aimed at bringing about a collective and holistic approach for the coastal community in the fields of fisheries resource management, sustainable livelihood options and disaster preparedness and management. This centre functions as a training cum demonstration centre, for strengthening and diversifying livelihoods and identifying alternative avocation for coastal communities by adding value to the process chain – capture/culture, commercialization and consumption- by adopting a participatory approach involving all the stakeholders. Improving productivity of fisheries and aquaculture is vital in reducing hunger and poverty. Sustainable, productive fisheries and aquaculture can improve food and nutrition security, increase income and livelihoods, promote economic growth and protect our environment and natural resources.

The centre houses a training unit and a state of the art HACCP standards fish pre-processing facility to educate, train and develop skills among fishers on the standard practices of hygienic pre-processing of local fish/shellfishes and production of value-added fish items. It also assists the fishers in establishing a good market linkage for selling hygienically processed fish and fish products, especially low – value fishes to resource-poor consumers through training and empowerment.

Promoting low input sustainable fish culture by integrating aquaculture with the farming system among small holding farmers is one of the strategies adopted by the centre for sustainable fish production. This technology involves a combination of fish polyculture integrated with crop or livestock production.  This integrated aqua-agri farming systems can contribute to securing income, employment generation, decreased the risk of production, improved access to water, and increased farm sustainability for small farm holding coastal communities.

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