Many new species of vascular plants described

MSSRF team has identified 15 new species of flowering plants from the forests of Wayanad and other parts of Kerala, since the start of its floristic study in 1999 and the study of RET plant species in Wayanad district. The MSSRF’s study in Western Ghats of India proves once again that this global biodiversity hotspot is still an underexplored region even in case of higher plant species. Before the start of this study we had never expected that these many new species would be waiting for discovery in the Western Ghats region, as it is one of the best studied floristic regions of the country. All of these new species are with very restricted populations and highly habitat specific and have been assigned with provisional conservation status for Endangered (En) and Vulnerable (Vu) following the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) guidelines.
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