On-farm conservation of coastal rice based farming systems

Soil salinity is one of the main problems in coastal agriculture which is now further aggravated by rising sea level as well as the reduction in fresh water flow and rainfall, in draining the salts as natural process.  On-farm management of the saline tolerant varieties such as Kagga in Karnataka under Ghazani lands has been promoted to restore the agro-ecosystems with rice-shrimp farming systems. About 85 traditional rice varieties collected from the districts of coastal Karnataka as Belli Kagga, Kari Kagga, Mud Pandya and Hallaga show high level of tolerance to salinity.  Understanding its genetic diversity using molecular and agro-morphological studies, purification of seeds, facilitating community based seed exchanges and banks, obtaining recognition of farmers’ varieties under Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers Rights Act are the key actions undertaken in this programme.





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