Plant clinics for better plant health

Plant Clinic is an innovative model to provide plant health diagnostic services to men and women farmers. It is being implemented in partnership with Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International and the model has been appropriated to the context of small farmers. Foundation runs a network of 21 Plant Clinics in 125 villages and supported 30586 farmers including 4410 women. So far, conducted 1908 Plant Clinic sessions and tested 25564 crop samples. It diagnoses the real time issue of pests and diseases in any crop and renders accurate knowledge to the farmers; understand harmful effects of red labeled/banned pesticides, pest resurgence, resistance to pesticides etc. It bestows an array of technological solutions bundled with cultural, biological and chemical methods, which are nationally and internationally permissible, ecologically safe and environmentally sustainable for mitigating crop loss and enhancing plant health and economic benefit.