Planted over 100,000 seedlings of RET plant species

A project initiated to mark the 80th birthday of Prof. M. S. Swaminathan and to accelerate the MSSRF’s conservation efforts through a targeted number of 80 Rare, Endemic and Threatened (RET) angiosperm plant species of Western Ghats resulted in relocation of 80 RET species, which were said to be restricted to tiny pockets of type localities. As part of this study, a total of 2100 flowering plants were documented, with 52 Red Data Species and 650 endemics of Western Ghats. It led to the establishment of a conservation garden with 125 orchid species, 30 fern species, 156 endemic tree species and 60 accessions of wild tuber crops and a CAbC herbarium with more than 8000 specimens of flowering plants of Wayanad. Over 100,000 seedlings have been produced by multiplying more than 160 RET plants using conventional methods like seed germination, budding, grafting, layering. A total of 3750 seedlings of 40 endangered tree species were experimentally reintroduced to their natural habitat in the reserve forests of Kakkavayal of Thamarassery Range in the Kozhikode Forest Division. Also 16 Ex-Situ Gardens with nearly 10,000 plant saplings were promoted in other parts of the district. MSSRF has now around 25 partners in this network and a total of 100,000 plant saplings have been distributed.
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