Farmers’ Pavilion

The Farmer Producers Organisations (FPOs) registered under Farmer Producer Company’s Act have been recognised as a competitive institutional framework to provide diverse services to smallholding farmers. The main objective of FPO promotion by MSSRF is to collectivise small producers, foster technology diffusion, enhance productivity, improve access to inputs and output markets, market linkages and increase farmer’s income by improving their participation in the value chain. MSSRF has been testing the model in diverse agro-ecological systems at its field sites in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Odisha and Kerala.

The primary services offered by the FPOs are, input and output marketing; resource centre to supply inputs; value addition to selected crops; building the capacity of farmers to improve their skills and knowledge; credit linkage; seed production; farm machinery services; and natural resource management.

During the conference period, FPOs promoted by MSSRF will exhibit the commodities and value-added products produced by them. In this FPO fair, pulses, paddy, millets, spices, oilseeds, fishery, dairy, and poultry products produced by the FPOs from across MSSRF sites will be exhibited by the farmers and be available for sale.