Promoting Navara- A ‘2500 years old’ medicinal rice

Navara is a medicinal rice variety known in cultivation only in the state of Kerala. Documents show that it has been under cultivation in Kerala for about 2500 years since the time of Susruta, the Indian pioneer in medicine and surgery. Navara is reported to be with multiple uses- much nutritious, balanced and safe food for people of all ages. MSSRF had undertaken detailed morphological survey for this variety and reported for the first time occurrence of four distinct subtypes within Navara, which include awned and awnless black-glumed and yellow-glumed grains. Chemical prospecting has also been carried out to understand its unique properties. A major outcome of our efforts is that, many organizations and individuals started working on Navara rice, which resulted in getting GI registration and Organic certification. For more details please search:

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