Recognizing farmers’ varieties

The farming communities of Wayanad cultivate diverse varieties of native fruits and vegetables which are resilient to local climatic variations and serves functionally as food and medicinal species with strong cultural traditions. The Community Agro-biodiversity Centre maintains 25 lines in Banana, 26 lines in different pulses species, 45 lines in vegetables and 52 different green leafy vegetable species and act as a resource centre to address malnutrition by strengthening agriculture- nutrition linkages. MSSRF focused on capacity development of Biodiversity Management Committee functioning at the Panchayat (local administration unit) level in operationalising Indian Biological Diversity Act 2003 and conserving such diversity on-farm. A network of 700 custodian farmers named Seed Care was formed in Wayanad region to promote conservation and enhancement of crop genetic diversity and protection of Farmer’s rights. The PPVFR & A accorded farmers’ varietal status for 24 rice varieties from this region.

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