Sustainable Livelihood, Nutrition and Health Security

Issues in adopting contemporary science and technology to sustain and secure small holder farmers’ livelihood, nutrition and health security

The following are some of the measures for promoting sustainable livelihoods, nutrition and health security of small farm households:

  • Enhance the ecological foundations essential for sustainable agriculture, particularly soil, water and biodiversity
  • Enhance productivity and reduce the cost of production through higher factor productivity. Techniques will include precision farming and organic farming
  • Examine and promote opportunities for agro-processing and value addition to the biomass.
  • Introduce agricultural remedies to nutritional maladies prevailing in an area through mainstreaming nutritional criteria in the selection of components of the prevailing farming system
  • Address undernourishment and basic health needs of all members of the household by promoting nutrition awareness and access to basic health care, clean drinking water and improved sanitation facilities

This session will discuss the issues/gaps in policies and practices related to the use of science, technology and rural innovations, to the economic, ecological and social advantage of smallholder farming systems. The advantages of the farming system for nutrition approach, minimizing climate risks and mainstreaming gender and nutrition in agriculture and food production and sustainable livelihoods will be specially analyzed.


Dr Soumya Swaminathan Chief Scientist, WHO

Dr SoumyaSwaminathan

Chief Scientist, WHO

Dr T Mohapatra

Secretary to the Govt. of India (DARE) & Director General (ICAR)

Dr Peter Carberry

Director General, ICRISAT

Ms Vasudha Mishra

IAS, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Government of India

Dr Himanshu Pathak

Director, NRRI

Dr Nitya Rao

Professor, University of East Anglia

Dr Srivalli Krishnan

Senior Program Officer, Agriculture Development - Asia

Mr. Madhusudan Rao

(TBC) Head, Nutrition, Tata Trusts

Dr Suman Sahai

Chairperson, Gene Campaign

Dr R V Bhavani

Director, Agriculture, Nutrition and Health, MSSRF

Dr R Rengalakshmi

Director, Ecotechnology, MSSRF

Dr. Narayan G. Hegde

Trustee and Principal Adviser, BAIF

Mr. Rajib Kumar Roul

Sr. Program Manager, Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives